Wipeouts, bails, fails ... we don't know what the kids are calling them these days, but we're talking about when surfers falls off their boards and into the jaws of a huge wave.

Even experienced surfers have had shoulders and legs dislocated by big waves. Stories of surfers dislocating all four of their major joints are not uncommon.

But then again, there is nothing like a bit of schadenfreude to get you through the day. So, to us, it only makes sense to collect these awe-inspiring videos of big-wave surfers bailing ... hard.

For eight of the biggest, most jaw-dropping surfing wipeouts ever, keep reading.

Most of us will never understand the feeling of being at the bottom of a two-story wall of water that seems to be chasing you. Ian Armstrong does.

Wind surfing is easier than conventional surfing. Wind surfing a massive wave, however, looks pretty difficult.

This certainly isn't the biggest wave you'll see in our collection, but it may be one of the harshest wipeouts. What have we learned from this video? Don't swan dive off the end of your board, ever.

Raimana Van Bastolaer suffered a brutal wipeout at Teahupoo, Tahiti, in French Polynesia, going down on his back in an absolutely huge tunnel. (Listen to us with all our surf-talk. Do we sound like we know what we're talking about? Didn't think so).

The surfer in this clip, Danielo Couto, is the picture of surfing nonchalance. He looks incredibly at home before being smashed by a three-story wave in what we later find out is about seven feet of water.

This massive wipeout came at Mavericks this year. Falling 30 feet off a wave and landing on your back -- just to see about a bazillion gallons of water heading toward your head -- must be an edifying experience.

Shane Dorian takes a massive hit in this clip. He takes on a gargantuan wave, but falls early. He later revealed that he didn't get a breath for 45 seconds.

Sorry, we couldn't not include it ...