Sure, apes are awesome to watch. But it's not all bananas, smoking and other playful antics. When this 300-pound pet chimpanzee managed to escape in Kansas City, Mo., it caused more than a little bit of damage

As you'll see from the somewhat bizarre clip below, the angry ape, who responds to the name of Sueko (when she's in a good mood, anyway) charges around town, before meeting a cop car.

Using a nearby trash can, she leaps onto its hood, then, Hulk-style, smashes her fist into the windshield. Police later tried to shoot Sueko with tranquilizer darts, but she just brushed them off and carried on monkeying around.

Unbelievably, she even gave the cops the middle finger. What an animal! The chimp's owner eventually managed to coax his pet into a cage. A short while later, he was arrested for allowing a dangerous animal within the city limits.

Check out the footage of the odd event below.