Say you've got a massive crush on Cameron Diaz, but you're also a die-hard Yankees fan. Why not kill two birds with one stone by heading over to Yankee Stadium to cheer on your team, while also running onto the field to off Alex Rodriguez, the paramour of your object of affection?

Such was the multi-tasking behavior of flaming nutbag Grim LeRogue (left), who stormed the field during Monday night's Yankees playoff game and charged after the third baseman in an attempt to choke him and win over Cameron Diaz. (Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. LeRogue, but A-Rod is perfectly capable of choking without your assistance.)

The Daily News reports that LeRogue wasn't carrying any weapons, but he was armed with a photo of Rodriguez, whose face had been crossed out with a drawn on gun pointing toward his head. To make sure he got his message across, he also wrote, "You gotta go, buddy."

Keep reading to watch the video of LeRogue's on-field arrest, as well as the pissed-off fan who requests that he get the taser treatment.