Rant VanThis van is trolling the streets of New York City, inviting strangers to step inside and get comfortable. And oddly, it doesn't end with any anyone receiving bad touches in their bathing-suit area.

The Rant Van is a mobile complaint machine, picking up passengers and allowing them to bitch about whatever chaps their hide at the moment.

Jonny and Christy Sheehan, the husband-and-wife team behind the van, videotape the rants and later post them on their website.

"It's a digital soapbox," Christy tells Asylum. "With all of the frustration in the country right now, people just want to feel like they are being heard."

Since the site launched two weeks ago, the Brooklyn couple has already logged 34 rants, most of which revolve around bike lanes, political dissatisfaction, health care and, believe it or not, sagging pants.

"With enough individual voices collected, you begin to get a snapshot of the culture," says Christy.

And, of course, our culture wouldn't be complete without a cranky old man yelling about kids and their loud personal phone calls. Keep reading to watch the rant that's one note shy of "Get off my lawn!"