12-year-old with a lot of dough.Do you remember what you were doing when you were 12? We can't. It's just a haze of marijuana smoke and Alice in Chains creeping out from under the door of our big sister's bedroom and scaring the crap out of us.

Apparently Alex Miller's childhood is a little different.

Alex, who's 12 and lives in San Jose, Calif., spent 15 hours over the course of 10 days searching for a security flaw in the newest version of Firefox. And, he found it. In return, Mozilla generously rewarded him with a check for $3,000.

Do you have any idea how many Silly Bandz you can buy with $3,000? Or girls you can take to a Justin Bieber concert? Or ... other stuff that 12-year-olds are into these days? Insanity!

That means Alex earned $200 per hour for this endeavor. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go cry into our Apple Jacks. Like a real 12-year-old would.