paul world cup octopusTragically, it is our duty to report that Paul the Psychic World Cup Octopus has died.

A somber statement from the Oberhausen Sea Life Center said: "Management and staff were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight."

Paul shot to fame during the World Cup due to his seemingly mystical foresight. He correctly predicted all seven of Germany's matches, including its unlikely loss to Serbia and triumph over England in the knockout stage. Many naysayers attempted to undermine Paul's obvious talent suggesting that the mussels in the boxes were subject to a certain scent or that he was attracted to the colors of the German flag, though no such theory has ever been proven.

Paul's good work will survive him, as a permanent sea turtle rescue center, funded, in part, by donations generated in Paul's name, is taking shape on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Paul, every sucker, every tentacle, every scale and every other weird octopus part of you, will be dearly, dearly, missed.

Watch the video below of what is arguably Paul's greatest moment -- predicting the winner of the World Cup Final.