Tehmeena AfzalRemember Obama Girl? Amber Lee Ettinger was just another sexy Maxim cover-girl wannabe until Barack took America by force two years ago. She hitched a ride on his coattails and rode them straight to the top of the modeling world.

Tehmeena Afzal had the same brilliant idea -- only she's hooked her rig up to an old powerhouse: the New York Giants. Unfortunately for her, the Giants are not expected to be at the top of the world this football season. (Though, at the moment, they are tied for the best record in the NFC.)

Nonetheless, Miss New York Giants 2010, who was born in Queens, knows that she can get our attention without involving our sense of logic. Her latest modeling video involves a football, a football jersey, ginormous underboob and some serious slow grinding. For four insane minutes.

Keep reading for the video, which contains no actual nudity but is probably still NSFW.