the exterminator illinois county police Crime must be pretty rampant in St. Clair County, judging by the size of the newest addition to its sheriff's arsenal.

The Illinois county recently adopted what it's dubbed "The Exterminator" -- a 12,000-pound, fully armored surveillance truck jammed with video cameras, digital recorders and other police-related doodads.

The recorders inside stream live video to the sheriff's department and each of the county deputies' smart phones. Obviously, this is one fancy-schmancy task force. Criminals, beware.

Keep reading to learn more about The Exterminator and to watch its official unveiling.

In addition to the video equipment, The Exterminator features foam-filled tires that can't be flattened (sorry, angsty teens), a padlocked hood, a locked gas cap, protective screens over the headlights and other add-ons that discourage vandalism. Though you'd think it'd cost a fortune, this behemoth of a vehicle and all its pieces of flair cost the county exactly $0.

"Everything on the truck -- including the truck -- has been donated," Sergeant John Fulton tells Asylum.

The purpose of this oversized hunk of metal is to scare potential criminals. According to the truck's official website, "The Exterminator is not an undercover vehicle. It's designed to be highly visible. It sends a message. We will not tolerate drug trafficking, littered lawns, loud noise and other neighborhood nuisances."

Citizens of St. Clair County ought to heed that sound advice. After all, there's little more frightening than a police officer handing you a noise violation or scolding you about overdue library books after hopping out of the gargantuan police vehicle that's parked in your driveway.

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