USS BenningtonWell, things just got a little more explode-y off the shores of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Divers found a hoard of possibly live ammo in The Narrows and Gravesend Bay, which might have been sitting there for the past 56 years.

Eight WWII-era copper artillery shells and 1,500 large-caliber machine gun shells were found just 20 feet below the surface by divers who had gone out to take some pictures of a couple of shells they found earlier and had thought were cool. They didn't know there was a freaking munitions factory down there.

The discovery has raised some questions about whether or not the city should dredge that part of the bay to build a waste transfer station. (The rounds are presumed to be live and there's an oil depot nearby.) This development probably irked Bay Ridge residents, since their neighborhood already smells terrible. But, at least now, when they go canoeing, they might get blown up, which adds a new level of excitement to their lives.

For NY Post–style, pun-laden reporting on the ammo, which probably came from the USS Bennington, check out the video after the jump!