manhattan treehouseThere are some things worth fighting for, like world peace, your right to party and not having your tree house torn down because you live next to a whiny little b*tch.

Manhattan resident Melinda Hackett fought for just that (the tree house, not boring ol' world peace) after her neighbor alerted the authorities about the "suspicious structure" in her Greenwich Village garden.

Hackett built the cedar playhouse in a backyard tree for her three daughters. Because people aren't used to seeing tree houses (or trees or backyards) in the middle of Manhattan, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to ruin their fun.

The police came to check it out, and a week later, she was ordered to appear in court to defend her arbor home.

After six months of legally duking it out, the case was dismissed, and Hackett not only won the right to keep her tree house, it's now been granted landmark status, so no one will ever be able to tear it down. Suck on that, joy-hating neighbors!

Check below for a video tour of Manhattan's newest landmark.