Here he is ... King Nerd.Granted, at BlizzCon you expect there to be nerds, but there's just something about Red Shirt Guy that goes above and beyond our wildest expectations.

From his "I don't leave the basement too often"-diction to the way he so humbly pwns the "World of Warcraft" dudes onstage, this guy brought BlizzCon to a whole new level. And he did it all while wearing a red shirt. Cojones, friends. Cojones. What could he possibly want to know?

Only this: "Hello. I just finished reading 'The Shattering' yesterday, and I noticed something. It said that Falstad Wildhammer was going to be on the Council of Three Hammers, but in the beta, it's Kurdrin Wildhammer, and Falstad is not in the game at all. What happened to him?"

To which the designers taking questions foolishly asked if Falstad wasn't dead. Mistake. "No. He survived, and, in fact, he was the leader of Aerie Peak and Vanilla Wow through 'Wrath of the Lich King.'"

Boom. Pwned. Of course, the transcript doesn't really capture the painfully nervous tone of his voice, nor the way his forehead reflects light like a shiny beacon -- which is why we've included the video after the jump.

EDITOR'S NOTE: To readers who claim we're being mean, please not that around here "nerd" is neither a bad word, nor an insult. Remember that part where we say he "pwned" the game designers? That's pretty mantastic.