Who knew the Discovery Health Channel was overrun by perverts? The educational station recently released a one-hour special called "Sex Robots," a teaser for the show "Strange Sex." Strangely, the series is not about what you saw your parents doing when you were 6.

The "Sex Robots" episode shows us, in a stark and revealing way, just how many men out there want their partners to be 100 percent compliant, personality-free and available at all times. As one of these creepsters puts it, "It's almost as close to human slavery as you can get."

Apparently, femme-bot fans even call 1-900 numbers to fulfill their somewhat creepy sexual desires, saying things like, "I'd like you to open up your chest panel" and "Please let go of my throat, you are crushing me with your robot arms." (OK, only the first one was real.)

Keep reading for a strange, five-minute clip from the "Sex Robots" episode, or tune in to Discovery Health at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday night.

This YouTube video also represents the first reported instance of the comments actually being as interesting as the clip itself. Check out the ones about how humanity is going down the toilet, a robot manufacturer who is looking "for first lady" to have sex with its male robot, HIV tests at the DMV, and the imaginary Scarlett Johansson robot.