Today, the urinals at New York's Old Town Bar & Restaurant (left) turn 100 years-old. In honor of the milestone, the bar's co-owner Gerald Meagher is throwing them a party.

(We hate to piss all over someone's birthday party, but in this case, it seems like an appropriate gesture.)

Urinal aficionados and the rest of the public is invited to come celebrate the porcelain centenarians and will be treated to a champagne toast, toilet tribute by writer Steve Rushin, and the reading of a congratulatory letter from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Women will also have the opportunity to check out the men's loo -- presumably to be reminded that they'll forever be relegated to the sit-down kind of peeing.

So if you're in Manhattan tonight, swing by Old Town to pay your respect and wish the urinals a happy birthday. No need to bring a gift. But please arrive with a full bladder.