If you're doing your Christmas shopping early this year, you'll want to go ahead and pick up copies of "Star Wars Art: Visions" for every geek in your life.

That's because the massive art book, for which George Lucas invited 100 contemporary artists to create work based on the Star Wars universe, contains illustrations that range from whimsical to positively mind-blowing.

Our favorite is "Wookie Family Portrait" by Maya Gohill (click left to see larger version), which places our favorite furball in a laughably domestic situation. There are, however, tons of treats to be had in a book that marries the highbrow (world-renowned artists) with the low (Yoda chilling with Kermit the Frog in "Easy Being Green, It's Not".)

But don't take our word for it -- check out some of our favorites below.

"Wookie Family Portrait" by Maya GohillWookie Family Portrait Maya GoHill

"Jabba the Hutt High School Reunion" by C.F. Payne
Jobba the Hut High School Reunion C.F. Payne

"Double Cheeseburger With a Side of Crumb" by Dave Nestler
 Double Cheeseburger With a Side of Crumb Dave Nestler

"Forest Rancor" by Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo
 Forest Rancor Julie Bell Boris Vallejo

"Untitled" by Gary Carter
Gary Carter

"Dawn of Maul" by Will Wilson
Dawn of Maul Will Wilson

All images courtesy of Abrams/Lucasfilm