We've all been scolded for letting one rip at an inopportune moment by those who obviously don't appreciate the refined subtleties of flatulence humor.

But has one of your farts ever been so forceful that you received a formal reprimand for it? Even better, has one ever made the news? No? Then you've just been outdone by an 11-year-old boy.

Christian Summers was traveling back to his Cleveland home on the school bus recently, when he let one slip, which, understandably, made him laugh.

However, the bus driver didn't find his antics amusing and gave him a discipline warning and an hour of detention.

Christian's parents said they thought the punishment stunk (sorry) so bad that they went to the local TV news station ... which, in turn, ran a two-minute report on the fart and its fallout (not like that).

Keep reading to watch the amazing report, during which it's revealed that Christian now "fears his flatulence."