In the last installment of "Would You Rather?" we covered Sony's PlayStation Move controller. Today, we're focusing on Microsoft's soon-to-be-released entrant into motion-controlled gaming, Kinect.

It's a controller-free way to play video games. This means, instead of pressing a button or waving a controller through the air to make a character jump, you actually have to jump. Sounds great in theory, but let's hope the thing actually works in the living room and doesn't simply cause your downstairs neighbors to call the cops.

Speaking of the theoretical, have you ever noticed that when a person is referred to as "cute as a button," the label rarely fits them perfectly? Well, Stacey honestly deserves the title. She's studying to be a head shrinker, but we're guessing she'll have the opposite effect on her patients.
Which would you rather have?
Stacey -- Cute and cuddly647 (51.2%)
Microsoft Kinect -- No controller, no problem617 (48.8%)

Keep reading for the pros and cons, including Stacey showing off her assets.

Pro: Loves it when guys are themselves
Con: You might have a hard time just being yourself around her
Pro: Describes every single sexual experience as "awkward" -- so no pressure
Con: If you piss her off, she'll bite you

Pro: Completely hands-free gaming experience
Con: Lack of traditional controller may lead to more injuries since previously dormant gamers will be jumping around the living room
Pro: "Dance Central" might just teach gamers how to pop and lock
Con: You'll have to fight for TV time with family members entranced by the novelty of Kinect