boobs crushing watermelonsBoobs -- what can we say about them that you don't already know? They're awesome? Obviously. They make people happy? Duh. They can open beer cans, play video games and smash watermelons? About time they did something more interesting than just being generally pleasant to admire.

So gather your buddies around and get ready to disrupt the office ... It's amazing things that boobs can do! (No nudity but potentially NSFW.)

Mammary vs. Watermelon
Two will enter. Only one will leave ... Well, two, technically.

Nintendo Wii skills

Have you ever found yourself double-fisting beverages when all of a sudden it's your turn on the Wii? You wouldn't need to stop boozing if you had a sweet rack!

Opening Beer

What's hotter than beer-on-boob action?

Booby Bongos

The ancient musical craft known as the boobie bongo can be linked to the very first hippies who wanted to spice up their drum circles while looking at naked chicks.

Bongo Boobies

After realizing the potential of breasts in the art of playing bongos, those hippies quickly discovered that breasts could also act as a standalone set of drums.

The Japanese Art of Boob-Farting

Leave it to the ingenuity and discipline of the Japanese to combine the two things dearest to the hearts of men: boobs and ass noises.

For the Lady On the Go

When your girlfriend is running late for that night on the town, she's naturally equipped to let her rack pick up some of the slack.

They Can Pour Beer, Too?

Boobs and alcohol go together like, well, boobs and alcohol.


Tired of purchasing artwork NOT made with breasts? Well, thank your lucky stars for this lady.