I've had a lot of dreams in my lifetime, most of which have gone unfulfilled. And my pudgy frame and allergies will probably keep me from ever climbing a daunting mountain or bagging a deadly lion.

One of my boyhood dreams, which was born in my local arcade, did come true when Asylum gave me the opportunity to write some "NBA Jam-isms We'd Like to Hear" for color commentator Tim Kitzrow, better known as the "NBA Jam" announcer. Kitzrow recently returned to the recording booth for EA Sports to belt out some hearty "Boom shaka lakas" for the new "NBA Jam" reincarnation for the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

So, you see, dreams really do come true. You just have to dream small. It's not like that mountain is going anywhere.