We know you're still recovering from our list of the greatest "Family Feud" bloopers, but you're going to want to see this.

Recent "Family Feud" episode 10,133 featured a bald nitwit (not Steve Harvey) who was asked, "What do you not want to see when breaking into a house?" His answer defies imagination.

If only this classic episode of the Harvey-hosted game show had aired before our list went out. (Seriously, it may be one of the greatest game show clips of all time, and that includes the one with the "penis" answer.)

Keep reading to see what happened and, even better, for the shocking response from the judges.

Our favorite parts: the other contestant's dead-on comic timing and Harvey slapping the cards down on the podium as if saying, "That is the last damn straw with you people!"

Also, why the hell did they award him 33 points for "Gun/Occupant"? Why are those two words sandwiched together in the first place? You might be surprised to find a gun, but would you really be surprised to find a person in a house where, you know, people live? This clip is so baffling, we may just have to watch it 50 more times instead of going back to work.