Donkey basketball -- riotous good time or hate sport?Fur coats, sure. Jennifer Lopez's weird fox-hair eyelashes, take 'em. But not from our cold, dead, on-top-of-a-donkey hands will you pry this basketball, PETA.

The animal rights organization is asking a Wisconsin high school to cancel a fundraiser featuring the sport, because the animals are pulled and shouted at when they don't want to play. Apparently they don't realize that's the whole point of donkey basketball: Donkeys don't do anything they don't want to do, so it's hilarious to watch your high school chemistry teacher try to get one to saunter around a basketball court for charity.

If that last sentence confused you because you're some kind of city folk that ain't never heard of no donkey basketball, don't worry -- we've got video after the jump of donkey basketball bloopers, probably edited by a high school student for class credit.

Do you really want to take the right to make donkey basketball videos for class away from America's children, PETA? Come on.