In a story that is sure to leave Rush Limbaugh confused, our friends at Filmdrunk report that liberal activist / actress Susan Sarandon slammed the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for being "out of control."

The reason? GLAAD criticized the TV show "Glee" for using the word "tranny" in a "Rocky Horror Picture Show"–themed episode. Sarandon, as you might remember, starred in the original "Rocky Horror."

This is the second time in the past month GLAAD has had a difference of opinion with Hollywood royalty: Earlier GLAAD criticized director Ron Howard for his refusal to remove the word "gay" (as in Vince Vaughn's character declaring, "electric cars are gay") from his upcoming movie "The Dilemma."

Obviously there is a long history of anti-gay language on screens big and small. And as an advocacy group, GLAAD has an obligation to call such rhetoric out.

But is it possible their recent critiques may be hypersensitive to the point that they cheapen their overall message?

Is GLAAD out of control?
Yes -- they need to lighten up839 (80.0%)
No -- bigotry is never entertaining29 (2.8%)
Maybe -- I can see their point about "The Dilemma," but not about "Glee"181 (17.3%)