As we've learned, abandoned subway stations are awesome.

However, reaching the closed-up train hubs of New York City often means sneaking into unauthorized areas, where you'll face rat posses and possible jail time. But, now you can view the prettiest of all abandoned stations -- legally! -- from the comfort of your own urine-scented subway car.

The old City Hall station (above), which was built in 1904, closed 41 years later to accommodate longer trains. Since then, it's been boarded up and hidden from the public, which is a real shame considering that it's like the Ritz Carlton of subway stations -- tall tile arches, skylights and glitzy brass fixtures run along the curve of the platform.

As Jalopnik reports, you can view the glamorous "miniature Grand Central station" by simply staying put on the 6 train when you reach the end of the line at the new City Hall stop. In the past, they'd make commuters exit the train before it turned around, but now you can stay on, as the train will pass by the City Hall station of yore.

The reflection of the train's lights in the window make it hard to see, so you'll have to push your face against the glass if you want a good view. Then make sure to scrub yourself afterward, because you don't know where that window has been.

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