Today, our friends at With Leather brought us a statistic that caused us to do a double take: Americans consume more than one billion dollars' worth of Natural Light each year.

In fact, the Anheuser-Busch brand is the fifth-most popular beer in the United States, despite Natty Light not having a television ad between 1984 and 2009.

But who needs celebrity endorsers or talking animals when your product is known far and wide as the cheapest, most tasteless alcohol-delivery system available? And when it comes in a handy 30-pack?

So what does it say about our national character that we so naturally gravitate toward Natty Light?

Is it an ode to our country's admirable no-nonsense, get-drunk-without-pretense attitude? Or is it more indicative of a certain national lack of taste?

Are you proud of how much Natty Light Americans drink?
Yes -- if I wanted my beer to be flavorful, I'd drink wine coolers780 (48.4%)
No -- it's yet another reason I tell people I'm Canadian when I go abroad833 (51.6%)