Finally, geeks have something to cheer about: A group of current and former NBA and NFL sideline cheerleaders have created the greatest fighting force known to man.

Actually, the Science Cheerleaders are not fighting anything, except maybe bullies who think science is for dorks. But its not any more, jerks, as these girls make biochemical engineering and rocketry cooler than they ever were with their new viral video campaign.

The girls, led by a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia 76ers (who is still kinda smokin'), took the field at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington recently to engage young females with positive messages about going into scientific fields.

Aerospace? Molecular biology? Slow down, girls, our pea-brains are having trouble processing your looks, sexy dances and intelligence at the same time. Does this mean you're all now officially and forever out of our league?

Keep reading to watch the sex-tastic video, scientifically proven to make your pheromones explode.