If you don't believe Red and Jonny when they describe themselves as "Star Wars geeks," take a look at their Flickr stream, where the couple photographs themselves wearing Stormtrooper helmets in a slew of situations from the banal to outlandish. It'll probably change your mind.

The photo series began on their honeymoon, when the couple found a Stormtrooper helmet at a toy show. "I got Red to put it on and started taking photos of her in it immediately," says Jonny. "We just started taking it everywhere, chronicling our marriage taking photos of ourselves wearing it, coming home and laughing our heads off."

They began posting the images to show friends and family their adventures, but soon found Internet fame, as their Flickr page hit Boing Boing, Digg and Reddit. People even started recognizing the couple on their adventures.

Keep reading to find out more and to see a selection of our favorite images of the couple in costume.

"People sometimes recognize us when we go to Comic-Con or Fanexpo and even toy shows," says Jonny. "People actually call us out by name. We still get mail every day from someone who says they love us. It's nice."

As an unexpected bonus, all that public geekdom soon led to being interviewed by the official Star Wars magazine. "It is my proudest moment as a Star Wars geek," says Jonny. "I am immortal now."

The couple continue to post images of their adventures on Flickr and their website redandjonny. While still posing in the Stormtrooper outfits, they've recently been seen in giant mascot heads. Jonny says of his wife Red, "I love being married to the most beautiful, cool, amazing woman in the world. We love making each other laugh."

We'll look forward to more of your nerdy cosplay photo adventures, Red and Jonny. But sorry, folks -- when it comes to leaving helmets on while knockin' space boots, the couple reminds us they "are married" and "don't need to wear protection."