You've probably heard about the "Don't Touch My Junk" guy, who refused to allow airport security officers to give him a full-body pat down -- which includes a "groin check."

John Tyner scored a viral video hit by using his cell phone to record the incident, which had Transportation Security Administration officials remove him from the boarding area and then threaten to fine him $10,000.

The reason Tyner was to be subjected to such an invasive procedure was that he declined an offer to subject himself to another one: the X-ray body scan. It is a new airport screening technology that takes such a vivid picture through a person's clothing that it comes into conflict with child porn laws.

As of now, there are about 200 of these machines in U.S. airports. By the end of 2011, that number will be closer to 1,000.

Having a detailed, weirdly colored picture of you in your birthday suit taken (and then probably stored in some federal database for all of eternity) is the future of air travel. Are you OK with this new anti-terrorism measure, or are you peeved, like Tyner?

Read on for the pros and cons of the TSA's new security measure.

Are you OK with X-Ray body scanners at airports?
I guess -- we live in a post-9/11 world 728 (31.1%)
Nope -- this is a step too far1611 (68.9%)

I Have Nothing to Hide
• As Tyner learned, the alternative to the X-ray is a pat-down. So, unless you have a fetish involving being touched by uniformed people making right around the minimum wage, you should probably just submit to the new technology.

• It will probably spin off a new sub-genre of porn, which will make you feel better about your own relatively normal porn-watching habits.

• You know those times when you swallow your car keys in a drunken haze and then completely forget about it? Well, now one trip to the airport will provide resolution to that confusing (and all-too-common) scenario.

I'm With the "Don't Touch My Junk" Guy

• Some suspect the TSA is so gung ho about the X-ray scanners because ex–Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff consults for the company that makes them. What's going to happen if current Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano links up with a firm that makes a body-cavity search machine after she leaves her post?

• Whenever we sacrifice our civil liberties -- and in this case, our dignity -- in the name of preventing terrorism, the terrorists win. (Little-known fact: Whenever someone uses this rhetorical device, a puppy dies.)

• Do we really think this is going to stop the bad guys' next big plot?