The Land, Sea and Air burger, which consists of a beef patty, a chicken patty and a filet 'o fish, has long been part of McDonald's "secret" menu.

But Ernest Wilkens, a blogger for Chicago Now, decided to take this gluttonous tower up another level by adding the recently returned McRib to the fray.

Wilkens did the monstrosity up DIY-style, using a Southern-Style Chicken Sandwich, a bacon and cheese Angus Deluxe and the old standby Filet-o-Fish to fill out the other three components of this artery-hardening foursome.

Oh, and he made sure to include a bun between each patty.

"It wasn't terrible," was Wilkens' verdict on what he is calling the "McRushmore." Other folks have suggested the concoction be named the "McFourLoko" and the "McNumberTwo." Despite our love of most things McDonald's, we're going to have go with the "McBadIdea."

Read on for a closer look at the handsome beast.