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Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman strips down to a golden thong in the red-band trailer for "Your Highness." NSFW (Screen Junkies)

Ryan Reynolds wears a goofy green CGI suit in the first official "Green Lantern" trailer. (FilmDrunk)

Get to know Kate Middleton, Prince William's bride-to-be. (Next Round)

Ke$ha revealed the secret origin of her dollar-sign symbol in a "Funny or Die" sketch. (PopEater)

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are still married, annoying. (The Blemish)

Michael Phelps is reportedly dating reality TV starlet Brittny Gastineau. (With Leather)

Willow Palin
reportedly used homophobic slurs on Facebook while defending Sarah Palin's reality show. (TMZ)

Cobie Smulders is basically the only reason to still be watching "How I Met Your Mother." (Maxim)

"Zombie Link" will save (and eat) Princess Zelda. (Unreality Mag)

George Bush flipping the bird makes the gallery of 25 presidents keeping it real. (Holy Taco)