Obama makes nice with a chatty robotStop the robot insanity! One by one, the monsters of the future are weaseling their way into the president's good graces.

One second a seemingly harmless soccer-playing robot has been invited into the White House, and the next thing you know, President Obama is in Japan, laughing at a saucy FemBot's jokes. How much time do we have left before we're living in the reality of "Blade Runner"? And when that finally happens, won't Harrison Ford be too old to do anything about it?

Obama went to Japan for an economic summit and made nice with a couple of robot creatures before taking a seat in what BuzzFeed accurately described as a "a weird Segway recliner that looks like a 'Tron' cycle for retirees." In short, we're doomed.

It's not that we're Luddites. It's just that when the robot revolution comes, we know who's going to be up against the wall: humans. We can only pray that their robot weapons will be speedy and merciful, not like that crazy, punching robot that's been giving us nightmares for the past few weeks.