Some people like guns -- like, really love 'em. Some of them like guns so much that even if they don't have any arms, they still want to shoot 'em -- you know, with their feet.

Want proof? We're not surprised, as it's hard to imagine the super-dexterous mega-toes it would take to pull that off. This guy, however, has 'em. Seriously, it's incredible.

Only known as "Michael," the star of this viral video sports a natty bandanna and wields a pistol between his toes -- firing, reloading and hitting the safety with ease. To be honest, he's could scare us off any piece of land, anywhere, ever. Sure, he'd have to be driven around on the hood of a car, but it's the fear factor that counts.

Prepare to have your jaw hit the floor as you check out the video below.