It takes a pretty terrible person to pocket money that was raised for charity. But to do it under the guise of a fundraiser that besmirches the integrity of the bacon bikini contest? That, friends, is a despicable waste of a human being.

Said awful human is Steve Lightfoot who seems to have a habit of holding charity benefits at his Roseville, Calif., restaurant and then keeping the dough. His latest philanthropic stunt involved a bacon bikini fund-raiser for the Jordan Lightfoot Foundation for Juvenile Diabetes, a charity named for his 19-year-old diabetic daughter. But here's the hitch: The charity doesn't exist.

So a bunch of good-natured folks who went to the event hoping to watch semi-naked ladies prance around the stage wearing pork products for a good cause were suckered into watching semi-naked ladies prance around stage wearing pork products with no charitable cause whatsoever.

A local news station investigated the bacon bikini scandal (full video after the jump), and now Lightfoot says he'll donate the money raised to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Sacramento. So, good news for the bacon bikini spectators: Whatever you paid to gawk is a tax write-off.