Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

There seems to be some substantial health benefits to having moles.

Researchers at King's College London analyzed 1,200 non-identical, female twins between the ages of 18 and 79 and found that a woman with more than 100 moles was half as likely to develop osteoporosis than her twin sister who had fewer than 25 moles.

Furthermore, those with 100-plus beauty marks also appeared to look seven years younger and had fewer wrinkles, a stronger heart and healthier eyes than their more mole-less sisters. Separate research has linked moles to similar healthier traits in men.

On the negative side, moles can develop into cancer if they are overexposed to sunlight. However, if these new findings hold up, the benefits to having more than 100 moles (which occurs in about one in 10 people) would far outweigh the risks.

And now ginger nation anxiously awaits similar good news involving freckles.