He was perhaps the most exciting college football player of his generation, but Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young's pro career is at a crossroads after losing his starting job as a result of his bizarre behavior Sunday.

Apparently enraged that coach Jeff Fisher replaced him with backup Rusty Smith -- after Young had suffered a relatively serious thumb injury during a 19–16 loss to the Redskins -- Young tossed parts of uniform into the stands. Then, according to our friends at With Leather, the 27-year-old stormed out of the locker room during Fisher's post-game speech.

This continues a pattern of strange and often shirtless behavior for Young, who has missed 21 games during his five-year Titan career due to injuries and ineffectiveness.

If Young's days with Tennessee are over, as some are speculating, another team would likely take a chance on the QB who has a 30–17 lifetime record as a starter.

On the other hand, Young's mediocre 75.7 career QB rating and continued immaturity doesn't exactly scream "franchise QB." Do you think Young still has what it takes to be the kind of football player many envisioned he would be five years ago?

Will Vince Young ever get it together?
Yes -- he just needs to get away from the Titans and/or Jeff Fisher 556 (26.1%)
No -- but he'll always have Austin1575 (73.9%)