We've noticed that some of the most popular posts we've done at Asylum this year involve attractive but not previously well-known women who at least momentarily grabbed the attention of the media and/or Internet.

Examples of this phenomenon in 2010 would be: Elizabeth Hawkenson, who reportedly lost her college scholarship for doing porn; Debrahlee Lorenzana, a Citibank employee who claimed she was fired for being too hot; Tahiti Cora, a model who had the good sense to play Xbox while wearing a thong; and Jenn Sterger, a minor sports personality who was (allegedly) on the receiving end of a text message containing a photo of Brett Favre's junk.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have to say we are thankful to all of these ladies, as well as all of the clicks they've brought us. Now it's up to you to decide which one we should be most thankful for.

Read on for a brief description of what each has done (or had done to them) to get here -- and, most importantly, pictures.

Which traffic-garnering hottie is your favorite?
Elizabeth Hawkenson -- who didn't really lose her scholarship for doing porn184 (23.4%)
Debrahlee Lorenzana -- alleges she was fired for being too hot105 (13.4%)
Tahiti Cora -- played Xbox in a thong367 (46.7%)
Jenn Sterger -- Brett Favre couldn't help but send her a pic of his privates130 (16.5%)

Elizabeth Hawkenson
Rumor had it that the troublemakers over at 4chan found Hawkenson, an Arizona State University freshman, in a porn flick in which she flashed her college ID. So, as the story goes, the cyber-tricksters sent a concerned letter to ASU, which then revoked Hawkenson's academic scholarship.

It turns out 4chan did no such thing, and Hawkenson still has her scholarship. But the part about an ASU college freshman named Elizabeth Hawkenson doing a very, very dirty porn was, in fact, true.

Another reason to be thankful for her: She feeds the hope that the really cute girl you see in econ class, or on the train every morning going to work, is somewhere on the Internet doing very, very dirty porn.

Debrahlee Lorenzana
The banker claimed that her curvaceous figure and high-heeled shoes were too much for the males in her office, so management fired her for being too hot. She is suing Citibank for gender discrimination and recently turned down an offer to appear in Playboy.

Another reason to be thankful for her:
She is bravely using the legal system to keep the workplace safe for tight sweaters.

Tahiti Cora
Tahiti played Xbox in a thong. Somebody filmed her doing it. The Internet was really impressed.

Another reason to be thankful for her:
She made the choice to play Xbox in a thong -- which turned out to be the correct choice.

Jenn Sterger
Sterger had already gained a bit of notoriety as sort of a cross between a football analyst and glamour model. However, she became a national figure about a month ago when it was revealed Brett Favre had texted her photos of his penis.

Another reason to be thankful for her:
Now when you see Brett Favre, you get to giggle and think of really tiny things.