Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

A new study reveals the brains of dogs are evolving at a faster rate than the brains of cats.

Researchers at the University of Oxford charted the brain size of about 500 mammals over the last 60 million years using fossils. It turns out the brains of more social animals, like humans, monkeys, horses, dolphins and dogs, have grown at a faster-than-average rate, whereas the brains of less social animals, like cats, deer and rhinos, haven't evolved as quickly. Scientists previously thought that the brains of all mammals had evolved at about the same rate.

This is also the second study in the last couple of years to suggest dogs have more going on upstairs than cats do.

Yet for all their brain power, dogs have never been able to master the viral video like their simple-minded feline rivals have. (And then there's the whole poop-eating thing.)