Every kid dreams of becoming an astronaut. But, let's be realistic, most of them ain't gonna make it.

Of course, it's still free to dream. And, if you've got enough coin, you can get out of your dreams and into this life-size replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

SpaceToys is selling this non-working 1-to-1-scale model of the famed spacecraft for the low, low price of $2.2 million. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for the man who dreams of space travel and buys his stockings from the same people who made athletic socks for Manute Bol.

The model only replicates the exterior of the space shuttle, but it's incredibly close to the real thing, from the massive, 78-foot wingspan to the tiny bathroom window that allows astronauts to marvel at the majesty of planet Earth as they "recycle their Tang."

The only downside (there's always one when you're trying to buy a fake space shuttle) is that shipping is up to the buyer. We called FedEx to get an estimate on what it would take to ship a 4.5-million-pound spacecraft model. After we were able to convince their freight operator that this was not a prank call, she said that, if we could break down the model into pallets of 220,000 pounds (their maximum shipping weight per pallet), it would cost $14,648,719.32 before taxes to get the whole thing to our house based on NASA's estimated dimensions of the shuttle.

Not to mention the frustration that would ensue when you finally got the whole thing back together again with one darn screw left over.