karvt wooden macbook ipad skinsTechnology may have allowed for electronic devices to look sleeker and futuristic, but there is something to be said for the earthier tones of cherry walnut and reconstituted Wenge.

Karvt can help you downgrade the look of your Apple laptop, iPhone or iPad to something more rustic and natural with custom fitting wooden covers and frames.

These are not plastic sheets or stickers with wooden patterns that create the illusion that your portable iGadget has a bark that's worse than its byte. (We actually get paid to come up with these bits.) They are "100 percent real wood, which is both sustainable and eco-friendly." You know, as if owning an Apple product didn't tell the world you were already a huge, white hippie.

Kurt Barbee created the wooden covers as a way to help fellow Mac-heads celebrate their already-obvious superiority over the legion of square, pocket-pencil-carrying PC zombies. "[We can rub] it in their face that they have plastic skins," explains Barbee, "and we have organic, durable wooden ones."

Hey, watch where you're rubbing your wood, buddy!