Not to get all PSA on you, but we warned you once before about the dangers of seeking medical advice from strangers in unsanitary environments. Apparently we need to tell you again: Surgery should only be performed by someone who wears a lab coat, works in a hospital and, most importantly, has a medical degree.

This warning was not heeded by six New Jersey women who ended up in the emergency room after receiving butt-enhancing injections from Anivia Cruz-Dilworth (left), a model who hawks her own makeup and skin-care products.

The fake butt doctor preyed on women in beauty salons and told them she was a trained professional who could pump up their booties with an injection she called "hydro-gel."

In reality, she stuck a needle in their rears and filled them with a substance believed to be a silicone sealant, the same stuff used for bathroom caulking. Then, to put a cherry on top of the medical fraud sundae, she sealed their wounds with Krazy Glue.

The women paid between $650 and $1,000 for the procedures, which didn't inflate their butts so much as cause serious bacterial infections. One of the victims underwent five hospitalizations and multiple surgeries to reverse the damage.

Cruz-Dilworth was charged with three counts of practicing medicine without a license and faces up to five years in prison. Keep reading to watch the local news report (with gratuitous butt shots at :09, :15, 1:03 and a special slow-motion pan at 1:05).