We're suckers for Star Wars toys memorabilia. This isn't the first time we've featured it here in Would You Rather? And it probably won't be the last, especially if the geeks at Walyou keep on scratching that itch.

This replica of Jango Fett's iconic helmet (sans the bounty hunter's decapitated head) would make you the envy of every Han, Luke and Leia in the neighborhood. Sure, he met a grisly end thanks to a certain badass mother-f**ker Jedi named Mace Windu, but at least he wasn't eaten by a sand monster.

In the other corner, Rebecca scores points for being an admitted "World of Warcraft" fangirl. We're just worried she'd pick an epic raid over an epic date -- or possibly turn us down for the Jango Fett helmet. On second thought, we wouldn't blame her.

Which would you rather have?
Rebecca -- Hot "World of Warcraft" player748 (73.3%)
Jango Fett Helmet Replica -- Celebrate one of the few cool aspects of the new trilogy272 (26.7%)

Keep reading to see Rebecca serving pizza in a bikini, plus the pros and cons.

Pro: Has chosen marathon WoW sessions over going out on the weekend
Con: That's only a "pro" if you're a big gamer ... or agoraphobic
Pro: Learned her dance moves from Britney Spears videos
Con: Likes to eat alligator and snails, both of which are expensive and gross

Jango Fett Helmet Replica
Pro: Accurate reproduction includes helmet antenna and stand
Con: Not big enough to actually wear around your place
Pro: Great way to impress your Star Wars–loving friends and family
Con: Not as cool as a Boba Fett helmet replica