This barista is cold. Possibly because she's in a bikini.It must be awesome to work in a television newsroom. If you're having a rough day, you can just be like, "Let's find somebody with a terrible job and then point out how much it sucks to be them." If you're lucky, bikinis will be involved.

Fortunately, that was the case in Spokane, Wash., where they have the good fortune to have both freezing temperatures and Big Shots Espresso, a coffee shop staffed with bikini baristas -- women who sell coffee while wearing underwear that looks like it came from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Naturally, station KXLY turned to the bikini baristas once it got cold outside to highlight just how much it sucks for some people when the weather changes.

You have to admit, it's better than listening to another road crew guy talk about how how cold his hands are.