Ever wanted to know what Oscar the Grouch looks like under that trashcan? Neither did we.

Either way, performer Rosey La Rouge and our quirky bare-bummed friends who brought us sexy Jesus were courteous enough to give us a peek at "Muppet Show Part Deux" in NYC Tuesday night. We're no expert, but we're pretty sure if Jim Henson could have given Miss Piggy snout nipples, you can bet your cookies he'd have done it. Keep reading to see what other characters showed us their not-so-furry side.

Jenny C'est Quoi as Miss Piggy

Miss Mary Cyn as Cookie Monster

Boo Bess as Big Bird

Rosey La Rouge as Red Fraggle

BB Heart as Beaker

Hard Corey as Oscar the Grouch

Nasty Canasta as Count von Count

Flambeaux as the Swedish Chef