You can now add impersonator to the list of titles bestowed upon Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest. After his team lost to the Houston Rockets, Artest decided to call in to a Rockets post-game show for an interview. Sounds normal enough ... except that he pretended to be Rockets forward Luis Scola.

Whereas we don't see Artest challenging Frank Caliendo anytime soon, he manages to keep his cool. When asked about the game, he simply states that he's "the best player in the world." And to assure the host that he is in fact Luis Scola, Artest tells of his plan to celebrate by "eating Spanish food." (Scola is a native of Argentina.)

An athlete pranking a radio talk show is odd, but for Ron Artest? It's probably one of the more normal things he's done since entering the league. Read on to see where this ranks among Artest's most bizarre moments.

TruWarier Records
Ron Artest founded TruWarier Records in 2002 and has been promoting ever since. While none of the acts on the label have really blown up, that's not going to stop Ron from rapping and producing. While he has a new album out, he'll always be remembered for the video to his single "Champions," which was released hours after the Lakers won the title. Clearly he was just waiting for the hats to make it official.

His Odd Living Situation Indianapolis
"We made a deal when we were young. If one of us made it out, we'd take the rest with us. Ron made it out." That's a quote from one of the 10 or so childhood friends from the Queensbridge housing project in New York who was then living with Ron Artest at his Indianapolis home. Not "living with," in the sense that they each had their own bedroom, though. According to a report for the Indianapolis Star, there were people sleeping everywhere -- on sofas, on the floor, even the patio. While that's not too weird, there was also dog crap everywhere. But don't worry -- Ron had the carpet replaced every month. Much easier than, say, letting the dogs outside.

Pulled Over Driving a Race Car
This past summer, Ron was pulled over for having an expired registration ... on his race car. Well, actually, a race car -- because the car was registered to someone from Tennessee. Still, he was the one having fun driving it.

The Brawl
Artest was always crazy, but this incident put him on the map. During a timeout in a game against the Detroit Pistons in 2004, Artest was hit with a soda cup. Naturally he jumped into the stands for revenge. However, instead of attacking his assailant, he attacks a kid who looks like he'd be too afraid to talk to a girl let alone provoke a 6-foot-7-inch, 260-pound professional athlete. What followed was a melee involving fans and players, which resulted in Artest's suspension for the rest of the year.

"I'm Accustomed to Playing Basketball Really Rough."
We believe that's an understatement, sir. After Ron was ejected in Game 2 of the '09 Western Conference semifinals, reporters asked him about playing rough on the court. They got a response they'll never forget. Ron went to describe a scene in where a neighborhood game turns too competitive and somebody "breaks a leg off a table, and throws it straight through [Ron's friend's] heart." Yeah, we don't have to be psychologists to know where some of his issues come from.

Discount Shopper
This has to be the most bizarre Artest fact ever: During his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, he applied to work at Circuit City. Yep, Ron Artest wanted to work at Circuit City. Why? So that he could take advantage of the discounts. Sure, maybe he's a savvy shopper, but he was making over a million dollars a year. Did he really need 15 percent off a Pioneer stereo for his Escalade?