A rape bear chasing a wizard in Dorksplosion's "Choose Your Own Adventure" games have become so commonplace on YouTube that anyone with a camera and a head can whip one together. But, back in the old days, before computers and camcorders merged together like some evil Transformer, the world had a less techie version. It was called Dungeons and Dragons.

Hapless nerds and confused people with lives would gather around a kitchen table and go on an epic quest for treasure, justice or glory that didn't require a regular fitness regime or even pants. Each of these quests were overseen by an all-knowing, all-seeing and all-choosing god known as the "Dungeon Master" -- or the guy who owns the game and the table and either gets to be the "Dungeon Master" or he's going home and taking the Sun Chips he brought with him.

This video series from Dorksplosion features comedian Andrew DeWitt, aka that smiling, long-haired guy from the Hyundai Sonata commercials, taking your through a raunchy quest to filled with horny troll kings, emasculated dragons and haggard maidens who totally put out for heroes with 9-plus genitals. You start your epic quest after the jump, and it contains some naughty language, so if your boss at work catches you watching it at work, tell him to go to hell and grow a pair already.