We've already taught you how to dress like a gangster, slob, stoner, wrestler and, of course, a stylish blogger. But none of that fashion advice is going to help you stand out at a holiday party. Ergo, we present Skedouche's Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Betabrand's Nauseating Holiday Pants -- now available to tacky up your holiday ensemble!

Keep reading to see more of these hideous garments.

Skedouche Ugly Christmas Sweaters ($50–75)
Looking like it came out of your grandmother's closet (if maw-maw was partial to reindeer gangbangs), these sweaters combine classic holiday tackiness with a bit of whimsy. And by whimsy, we mean snowmen with carrot boners and black Santas. Thus proving that Santa's Workshop is an equal-opportunity employer. (Exception: Jews.)

Betabrand Nauseating Holiday Pants ($90)
From the same people who brought us Gluttony Pants, comes heinous holiday pants. Designed to be paired with an ugly Christmas sweater (see above), these trousers are equally ugly, so you'll totally match! Charming illustrations feature reindeer barfing candy canes and Santa Claus yakking up presents. Hopefully this will teach you not to eat your all gift boxes in one sitting.