Sasha Grey's movie "Malice in Lalaland" pick up a stunning 19 nominations at the Academy Awards announcement this week in Las Vegas. Sure, these were the Academy Awards of porn -- aka the AVN -- but the industry is nonetheless stunned by "Lalaland"'s explosive domination.

In poring over the John Holmes–size list of nominees (which runs 75 pages), TheFrisky narrowed down a list of favorites that include their choice of 3-D Release of the Year: "This Ain't Avatar XXX." We agree -- the Navi have a case of blueballs after being unable to come up with an Oscar this year, so they'll be tough to beat off at the AVN.

Their other glorious highlight is in the educational category, which includes "Going Down: The Official Guide to Cunnilingus," which the gals call the "greatest stocking stuffer for any man," which is apparently some sort of hint that we're supposed to reciprocate ... something.

TheFrisky has a rundown of all the best categories, not including the unpronounceable title that rhymes with "Truck Pasha Dre." (TheFrisky)