You might think that dressing up as a giant bearcat and throwing snowballs around is a bit of harmless fun, but in Cincinnati, it's considered "disorderly conduct." And that's an arrestable offense.

The University of Cincinnati Police tackled the 22-year-old wearing the school's mascot uniform, who normally goes by the name of M. Robert "Bobby" Garfield III, after he refused to stop throwing snowballs.

"He was throwing them at the crowd and so of course, people threw back and missed him and hit other people," said police Captain Jeff Corcoran.

The event was captured on a cell phone camera -- as so many things like this often are -- and the footage is set to be used as evidence in the disciplinary hearing on the matter.

"It's fairly common for people to throw things at games -- not just for us but anywhere. Fortunately, we usually don't see snow until after the football season," Corcoran added.

Despite his school spirit, his team eventually lost to Pittsburgh 28-10 -- no doubt because they had to use a "back-up mascot." Check out the mobile phone footage below, as well as these other examples of mascots not behaving themselves.