Of all the incredible things an iPad can do, time traveling is not one of them ... until now.

Architect Paula Patterson (left) of BKNYdesign designed the V-luxe, an iPad stand that looks like a retro television set. Get it and pretend that you're living in the 1960s as the only person in the world who has a TV that can pull up porn (or any of the other riches of the Internet) on command.

The unit is small enough (17-by-10 inches) to keep on your desk or table, and the screen has swivel and tilt adjustments, so you won't sprain your precious neck when you go on an all-night "ALF" binge. There's also a bottom compartment to hold auxiliary speakers (not included).

Patterson says she made the first V-luxe as a birthday present for her boyfriend. He liked it so much that she decided to make more of them for people who weren't her boyfriend.

The first production run just started, but you can pre-order your V-luxe now for $499 and have it by February. Just in time for that special lovers holiday, Presidents Day.

Keep reading to see the V-luxe. up close and personal.