It's fair to say dudes aren't as accessory-aware as the fairer sex. Whereas women will happily match their shoes to their handbag and agonize for hours over the most suitable necklace-belt-nail polish combination, many men regard a single earring as an unbearably flamboyant indulgence.

This is a mistake. Style-wise, chicks pay attention to the little things -- on you, as well as them.

It may baffle your buds, but thinking a little creatively in your outfit accompaniments will send a complex series of signals to any ladies in the vicinity.

Check out our guide to hooking up via dressing up:

Rolex Daytona Oyster Perpetual Men's Watch Black

Use it to attract:
Upwardly mobile ladies

We ain't saying she's a gold digger; we're just saying she's ... unlikely to spend time with a dude who doesn't demonstrate a certain financial clout via his accouterments. There are many reasons to own a Rolex. We're reliably informed they keep excellent time, but the fact remains that wrapping the value of a small family car around your wrist makes a statement to a potential girlfriend. And it isn't that you're a dedicated enthusiast of the horological arts. ($13,450 from Amazon)

Tree of Life Hemp Necklace

To attract: Hippie chicks

They may talk about rejecting conformity, but hippies are just as judgmental as the rest of us when it comes to the stylistic decisions of would-be conquests. Suffice it to say, if you swan up to Burning Man in chinos and a polo shirt, your chances of ending the evening sharing a yurt with a girl named Rainbow are zero. ($9 from Hemp Necklace Store)

Comfort-Fit Wedding Ring in 18-Karat Gold

To attract: Mistresses-in-waiting

There's no clearer example of the greater literacy with which women approach accessories than the wedding ring. A dude will blithely ignore the telltale jewelry of a cute girl in a bar until she exasperatedly waves it in front of his face. Whereas if you try and hit on a woman with a band of gold beaming out from your second-most left-sided finger, rest assured, she's gonna notice. And while (by "notice") we mostly mean roll her eyes at your skeezy shamelessness and bid a hasty exit, for a certain sort of femme fatale, a bit of ring finger glitz (earned, or otherwise) will only add to your appeal. ($500 from Blue Nile)

Lady Luck Belt Buckle

To attract: Farm girls

Rosy cheeks, sun-bleached hair, firm thighs and an all-around corn-fed sexiness -- what's not to love about a farm girl? Well, we guess there's the whole getting-up-at-dawn, living-three-hundred-miles-from-the-nearest-decent-restaurant-part. Happily slip a sweet bit of hick bling like this onto a suitably battered, brown leather belt, and the country damsels will come flocking to wherever you are, barely noticing the lack of dirt under your fingernails. ($68 from Carol's Western Wear)

Vintage Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

To attract: Hipster honeys

If we believed what we read as kids, spectacle-wearing was only good for signifying excessive intellectual capacity and/or a propensity for getting beaten up. Fortunately for the visually impaired everywhere, the indie rock revolution happened, and now a hefty pair of plastic-framed eyesight restorers (or, hell, even a fake pair!) is a golden ticket to a world of whiskey-fueled hook-ups with tattooed Brooklyn girls. ($4 from Amazon)

Black Fingerless Gloves

To attract: Art school babes

Fingerless gloves convey one of two fashion ideals: starving artist or Victorian-era pickpocket. Since we don't know any girls who go for the latter, we suggest cultivating the former impression with your fingertip-free knitwear. Splatter a bit of paint around; adopt a troubled, enigmatic air; and you'll soon be arm-in-vintage-sweatered-arm with the palest, prettiest girl at your local art college. ($10 from TopMan)

Mulberry Elkington Briefcase

To attract: Career women

To you it might it be a means to lug unwanted paperwork, a burden to be hurled behind the couch the second you step through your front door at 6.30 p.m. But to her, it's a sign that you -- like her -- value professional achievement and respect your work enough to look dapper while doing it. So ditch that crappy old briefcase; pick up this elegant, vintage-inspired Mulberry version; and get ready for some high-powered, suit-ripping, after-hours boardroom action. ($850 from Mulberry)