Argentinian Antarctic cruise ship the Clelia II and its 160 passengers were left at the mercy of what we're calling "massive angry waves of doom" (they might be more accurately described as "rough seas") on Tuesday after its engine conked out.

Things got scary when a 30-foot wave washed over the deck and took out windows on the bridge in 55-mph winds.

The ship was sailing from the Antarctic peninsula back to Argentina through the notoriously rough Drake Passage when it got into trouble.

Video of the Clelia II being tossed around like a dinghy in high waves was filmed from another ship, the National Geographic Explorer, which responded to the Clelia II's distress call and "stopped to monitor the situation" before managing to get a satellite phone over to the stricken vessel.

The ship is currently returning to Argentina under a naval escort, and, luckily, no one on board was hurt. Keep reading for some pretty chilling video that might make you seasick.