We first met Greg, a middle-school teacher from Nashville, Tenn., right before Halloween and marveled at his ability to successfully turn a plain, old pumpkin into a fully carved jack-o'-lantern by shooting it with his trusty Glock

Now he's bringing the firearm fun to Christmas. In his latest video, Greg displays the proper way to chop down that perfect Christmas tree using only a 12-gauge shotgun.

Greg told Asylum the thickness of the tree is a factor in how many shots it takes to "chop" it down, but so is hitting the trunk in the right spot -- something the marksman excels at.

In the video, Greg jokes about selling Christmas trees based on how many bullets are required to free them from the earth.

Read on to check out it and see a bonus video of Greg using his unique methods to open a Christmas gift.

A Christmas gift gets the live ammo treatment: